That Happy Place Just Around the Corner
  • Gaetano the Chef Squatch

    NAME:  Gaetano the Chef Squatch
    BORN:  September 19, 1960
    LOCATION:  Near the Naples, Italy Portal. 
    STORY:  When Gaetano was quite young his parents moved their family close to the Seattle, Washington Portal. He also brought his love for cooking with him, Gaetano has steadily prepared meals for his beloved villagers for many years. He makes stromboli, pizza, and Squatchaghetti, to name a few. With his enormous wood-burning oven centered in the village square, Mario cooks with a passion and Italian flare.
    CLOTHING:  Gaetano is dressed in slacks and a crisp white chef's jacket. A smart chef's hat stands tall on his head. Mama Mia! This fiery Italian Squatch will cook his way right into your heart.