That Happy Place Just Around the Corner
  • Frankie the Fireman Squatch

    NAME:  Frankie the Fireman Squatch
    BORN:  June 28, 2008
    LOCATION:  Lassen, California Portal
    STORY:  Frankie is a true hero Squatch. He's constantly at the ready to protect the population of Squatch World from the dangers of fire. When not fighting fires, he and his fellow firefighters assist other Squatches in emergency situations. He also teaches Squatch children the importance of safety. And, of course, he rescues Squatch Cats stuck in trees. 

    When not fighting fires or saving cats, Frankie is found at the firehouse with his fellow firefighters cooking up some blazing hot chili and sweet cornbread until the next alarm sounds.

    CLOTHING:  Dressed in an oversized yellow fire jacket with matching fire helmet, Frankie holds a red axe in one hand and a large yellow firehose nozzle in the other. He's prepared to step into action at a moment's notice.