Squatch Description

Tom The Football Squatch

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NAME: Tom The Football Squatch
BORN: August 3, MMXX
LOCATION: Near the Lake Oswego, Oregon Portal

Everyone knows that Squatches love to play dress up, and Tom’s favorite thing to slip into is his football jersey so he can play the game of the champions! He runs with focused determination, with his football tucked beneath his hairy arm. His squatch dog BubbleGum Tongue chasing after him across a mighty green meadow. He makes it to the finish line just as his furry friend up and tackles him, but it’s a Touchdown! The crowd he imagines out there, Roars! Bubble Gum tongue goobers Tom’s face then together they walk off into the sunset to celebrate another day of fun. Life is always sweeter with your best friend to share it with…don’t you know.