Squatch Description

Bo Squatch Au Natural

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NAME: Bo Squatch Au Natural
BORN: March 31, MMXX
LOCATION: Near the Sedona Arizona Portal

Bo Squatch and all the varied tribes of Squatches around Squatch World came into being approximately 150,000 years ago. In the beginning, Squatch World was nothing more than an idea, and the Squatches themselves were nothing more than lifeless bubbles floating aimlessly around in the cosmos somewhere. That was until OmGee, their creator, lighted upon them the gift of life and purpose. The once lifeless blobs floating around the galaxy were given a heart and a soul and gently floated down to Squatch world where they emerged from their gelatinous blobs and stepped out into the light of their beingness. Thus began the start of a nation of hair covered bipedal beings with hearts as large as their giant-sized feet and inhabitants that would light up their world and the worlds of many others. Squatch World and all its splendid characters came to life! And Bo, this fun-loving portal hopper, is looking forward to meeting you soon and introducing you to the rest of his beloved family!