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We build Squatch dolls using some of the most high-quality construction materials and processes available. Standing at 16 inches tall, (our dolls are 16" and 11" minis) our Squatch dolls are soft, cuddly, bendable and poseable. While the different outfits and skins are made in China, the dolls are constructed right here in the USA. Squatches are perfect for adults and kids alike. Whether you plan to take your Squatch with you everywhere you go or just pose it on the shelf as a collectible, we guarantee that with our fine materials and artisanal approach, your Squatch will have the fortitude to keep you company for years to come. Check out our shop to see what Squatch you want to bring home today!

Recycled*All dolls are made with a stuffing made of recycled plastic bottles spun to produce a soft and fluffy feel similar to spun cotton. This makes the dolls extra soft and cuddly.
**Our dolls are limited edition and are produced in small batches.

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Squatches: They're Just like you and me

Squatch World exists in a parallel reality not too far from our own. Its inhabitants, the shy, gentle creatures known as Squatches, travel through time and space to offer quiet companionship to humans here on Earth. Make no mistake, though—despite their shyness, Squatches want nothing more than to be your friend. Ready to make a new friend for life today? Check out our inventory of Squatches here at SquatchWorld.com! Your next best friend is only a few clicks away.



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