That Happy Place Just Around the Corner

About Squatch World

We understand you need to know more about this new and fascinating universe. Therefore, we have provided the answers you need.

Where Is Squatch World?

Squatch World is in a parallel reality to our own. It is a quarter of the size of Earth.

How Do Squatches Leave & Enter Squatch World?

Squatches get to their world through a portal located in the geographical area on Earth that corresponds to their home.

What Is Squatch World Like?

The colors on Squatch World are more ethereal and vibrant. They also emit a natural light. Plants, trees, and water are similar to those on Earth, yet somewhat animated.

When Squatches reach their world, they enter a fantastic realm of lush meadows, magnificent waterfalls, and gigantic trees of various hues. Each vibrates with the energy of life that surrounds all living beings.

Who Are The Squatches?

The Squatches are a gentle race of beings who have co-existed with humans for thousands of years. They are like you and me.

They have families and friends. They work & play. They find meaning in life as participants in their world and on Earth.

Yet, when on our planet, Squatches are very shy. So, they make themselves invisible or stand very still to not be seen. While masters at camouflage, they are sometimes noticed by observant humans.

What Do Squatches Look Like?

Most Squatches are six to 10 feet tall. Although, there is a clan of Squatches which barely reaches two feet in height. They are a bipedal race of beings covered in thick hair of various colors. They also have big, luminous eyes and incredibly large feet.

What Are The Squatches Hobbies?

Squatches love collecting rocks, gems, and heart-shaped stones. They also enjoy playing drums, cooking, and playing sports like Squatch Ball. Furthermore, Squatches fish, groom one another, and take family trips in their Squatch mobiles.

Do The Squatches Have Powers?

They do! Squatches are telepathic. This helps them when on Earth. Because of our planet's energies, their words turn into growls when here.

In addition, Squatches can make themselves invisible. This permits them to stay hidden while on our planet. And, it makes them great hide & seek players!

With their super strength, Squatches can move trees, boulders, and other large objects with ease.

Many Squatches have magical powers which permit them to generate energy balls. 

How Do Squatches Dress?

When on Earth, Squatches go au natural. However, on Squatch World, they love to play dress up. Over the centuries they have collected tens of thousands of human outfits and costumes.

Why Do Squatches Visit Earth?

Despite the lushness of Squatch World, some medicinal herbs don't grow well. Whenever they require these herbs, Squatches visit Earth by necessity.

They also visit to sustain their interest in rock collecting. Earth has a fantastic variety of stones and gems. Finally, Squatches visit our planet because of their general fascination with humans and how they interact.

The Most Important Thing To Know About Squatches.

Squatches are real! Despite their shyness, they want to be your friend! Please treat them with love and respect. Ultimately, this is done, you will have a lifelong friend.